GWPAW 2024

Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop

MAY 27-31, 2024


GW detectors | Data analysis methods | GW sources and their astrophysical modeling | Fundamental physics | Gamma-ray bursts, afterglows, kilonovae and other related electromagnetic transients | Multi-messenger tools | And more

Important Dates
While the workshop is still  planned to take place as scheduled, parts of the time table leading up to it are likely to be delayed due to the situation in Israel. We will update the list of important dates in early January 2024.

1 December 2023 Registration and talk & poster abstract submission opens.

31 January 2024 Talk & poster abstract submission deadline.

27 February 2024 Notification of successful talk & poster abstracts.

15 March 2024 Early bird registration deadline.

26 April 2024 In-person registration & "breaking news" abstract deadline.

27-31 May 2024 GWPAW.

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Partial list (invitations still in progress)

Katie Breivik Carnegie Mellon University

Zoltan Haiman ColumbiaUniversity

Elias Most Caltech

Gautham Narayan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Xavier Siemens Oregon State University

Scientific Organizing Committee

Iair ("ya-eer") Arcavi (co-chair) Tel Aviv University

Ofek Birnholtz (co-chair) Bar Ilan University

Kate Alexander University of Arizona

Thomas Dent Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Maya Fishbach University of Toronoto

Wen fai Fong Northwestern University

Kenta Hotokezaka University of Tokyo

Ilya Mandel Monash University

Ehud Nakar Tel Aviv University

Alexander Nitz Syracuse University

Maria Alessandra Papa Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

Jocelyn Read, CSU Follerton

Lieke van Son Flatiron Institute

Jessica Steinlechner Maastricht University

Aaron Tohuvavohu University of Toronto

Krishnendu Naderi Varium Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Barak Zackay Weizmann Institute of Science

Local Organizing Committee

Iair ("ya-eer") Arcavi Tel Aviv University

Rachel Bruch Tel Aviv University

Yael Dgany Tel Aviv University

Sara Faris Tel Aviv University

Ido Keinan Tel Aviv University

Sondos Mohsen Tel Aviv University
Dolfin Sagi Tel Aviv University

Noi Shitrit Tel Aviv University