The meeting will take place in the Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, one of the "greenest" buildings in Israel. 

Passports from many countries are exempt from visas to visit Israel. Please visit the webpage of the Israeli Embassy in your country for more information on whether you are exempt, or otherwise on how to apply for a visitor visa. If you need to apply for a visa, please do so well in advance.

Most major airlines, as well as many low-cost carriers from Europe, have regular flights to Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV), which is a 15 minute drive or train ride from Tel Aviv.
The easiest way to get from Ben Gurion Airport to a hotel in the city is via taxi. Make sure to take a taxi from the official taxi stand outside the arrivals hall. A taxi to the city should cost about 150-200 NIS. Trains into Tel Aviv are also available, except on Shabat (see "Getting Around" below), but they do not go into the city center, so require taking an additional taxi or bus (or walking) inside the city. Train tickets can be bought at machines in the train station adjacent ot the terminal with either cash or credit cards, and cost 9 NIS from the airport to the city. Most taxis accept only cash. There is an ATM machine in the arrivals hall. 


There are no hotels around Tel Aviv University campus, but there are frequent buses between campus and the city center and beach areas. Additional information about hotels will be posted here in the future. 

Getting Around

Buses and trains do not operate on Shabat (from Friday evening to Saturday evening). Taxis do operate 24/7. For navigation, Google Maps is usually up to date on bus lines and hours.
Buses are cashless and bus drivers do not sell tickets. A "Rav-Kav" multi-use card can be purchased at service stations around the city (click here for more details) and charged at service stations or using the Rav Kav app (but a physical card is still required). Bus payment can also be made by scanning a QR code on the bus using the HopOn or Moovit apps (no physical card required). Certain bus companies (such as "Dan") allow wireless credit card payments on the bus as well. The bus fare is 5.5 NIS inside the city.  

Enjoying Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a safe, liberal, vibrant, cultural and very colonary city on the Mediterranean coast. The city center and beach areas are very walkable. To first order, it's hard to find a bad place to eat in Tel Aviv. Higher order recommendations coming soon.

Outside Tel Aviv

Israel is small, and seeing the holy sites in Jerusalem, floating in the Dead Sea, visiting the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, dipping in the sea of Galilee or hiking in the beautiful Negev Desert, are at most a few hour drive away. Guided day trips from Tel Aviv are recommended for those who prefer not to drive. Abraham Hostel tours are one (but not the only) option for booking such trips. 


Leaving Israel requires going through a brief "security interview" at the airport. If you're checking bags, this will happen before you reach the check-in counter. If you are not checking bags, and can check-in online and receive a boarding pass (either electronic or printed), we recommend going to the "W" area in the center of the terminal (for those departing from Terminal 3) for the security interview. They might ask you how long you were in Israel, for what purpose, etc. After that, it's the regular bag screening, passport control and duty free. Given this extra step, we recommend arriving at the airport a little earlier than you normally would.